Neighborhood Volunteer Project

How to Initiate a
Neighborhood Volunteer Project


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Neighborhood Volunteer Project

If you live in San Rafael, and wish to beautify or enhance your neighborhood, this page describes the basic process to follow. Local leaders have made a significant impact on the quality of life in their neighborhoods by coordinating cleanup days, tree plantings, median landscaping projects, park improvements, and the like.  
Contact the Public Works Department to determine if your project lies within the City right-of-way by calling 485-3375. Note that a minimum of 4 weeks lead-time is necessary to coordinate new projects, and often more. Start early with your planning and communication to achieve success!
If so, fill out the following Project Planning Worksheet. Or print out a worksheet, complete it and mail to Public Works Printable Worksheet.

The Volunteer Program & Public Works Departments will review the project proposal with other departments necessary to determine if the project can be accommodated.
Once a project is approved, one neighborhood representative will need to commit to being the official liaison/point-person for the project. The Volunteer Program will draft an agreement to be signed by this liaison and Public Works representative.
Then we'll schedule the work together; identify resources, tools, safety considerations, and anything else necessary to accomplish the project.
All volunteers will need to sign our Volunteer Service Agreements before commencing with the project (youth will need their parent's signature).
Remember to have snacks and beverages available if the project is longer than a few hours. In addition, assign someone to take photos - sometimes the newspaper will print a short article, and occasionally we'll feature it on our web site.
Please note that work done in medians and adjacent to streets or other safety hazards requires extensive planning to comply with Cal-OSHA safety requirements. Sometimes this means significant alterations to the proposal, and sometimes it limits the scope of work we can accomplish together.

Questions? Feel free to call the Volunteer Program at 485-3407.
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